Dr. Hamer on AIDS
Programme Brisant - ARD 1995

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer spoke on television in 1995 about what AIDS actually is. In the 2nd edition of his book "AIDS, the disease that does not exist" he writes:

In 1983, Montagnier and Gallo, the two Jewish researchers, found a test that was in itself completely ridiculous, an antigen-antibody reaction, as in hay fever, food allergy, nut allergy, etc. - here a smegma allergy.
It is important to know that smegma is formed by the foreskin of the penis. The smegma-producing cells are endodermal, i.e. old intestinal cell progenies. The biological purpose of smegma is to keep the glans moist so that it can "slide" into the vagina.

When circumcising the foreskin, which is biologically an absolute nonsense, i.e. by cutting away the whole foreskin, including the nerve plexus, on the underside of the penis, the smegma is missing and the glans practically always remains dry. The nerve plexus on the underside of the penis is also missing, so that the circumcised man is sensory castrated. 

There are 3 big lies in medicine, which are even bigger, worse than the other 5000 hypotheses of so-called conventional medicine.

  1. Cancer and chemo lie
  2. HIV /Aids lie (smegma allergy)
  3. Swine flu lie (chip injection)

August 2009 was the turning point for the whole AIDS scam. Until then nobody could prove a "Hi-Virus". They simply lied that there was one. And on the basis of this lie millions of people were destroyed, especially in Black Africa.
…besides the negative proof "there is no hi-virus at all" - now we have the resounding, almost compelling positive proof:
"Aids is only a smegma allergy track".

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer