Verification Vienna (AKH)

The following 5 doctors carried out a joint review of the reproducibility of the IRON RULE OF CANCER in Vienna on December 9, 1988

  • Dr. Elisabeth Rozkydal, Vienna
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Birkmayer, Vienna
  • Dr. Franz Reinisch
  • Dr. Fritz Blenz
  • Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

A total of 7 patients were examined. The explicit purpose of the examination was to determine whether all clinical pictures and courses of disease of these patients, who had cancer, multiple sclerosis and cancer equivalents (Crohn's disease and others), had clearly followed the IRON RULE OF CANCER.

This was clearly the case on all 3 levels, the psyche level, which could be clarified by the patients present (conflict anamnesis), the brain level, which could be demonstrated by the available brain CT images, and the organ level, which was secured by available X-ray photographs and clinical findings.

Most of the patients had not known Dr. Hamer before.

The correlations were conclusive.

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