“I'm looking for help…”

Only a solid understanding of the biological processes in your body will help you to avoid panic and subsequent conflicts and therefore serious complications in the course of an SBS. Never rely on so-called therapists! Right now you can only help yourself by studying Germanische Heilkunde for yourself and live by it! 

"The Patient is the Master of the Procedure."  Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

It is possibly sobering to be confronted with the above lines or perhaps they even strike a certain lack of understanding. Nevertheless, with a comprehensive, unadulterated knowledge you are lucky not to panic and to make wise health decisions. This website cannot and must not offer you any therapeutic or analytical help in a correct and responsible manner. Since Germanische Heilkunde (formerly: New Medicine, Germanic New Medicine) is forbidden until today, you will understand why there are no therapists, doctors (Heilkundige) or clinics where Germanische Heilkunde is practiced and lived. 

Another tool of knowledge suppression is the confusion of those interested and seeking help by a large supply of falsified, shortened material and misleading by alleged therapy according to the Germanische Heilkunde. (Note: Dr. Hamer has NEVER called his discoveries "German New Medicine"!)

Is it important to have a comprehensive knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde?

Yes, because a well-grounded knowledge releases us mainly from fear and panic!

It is certainly not difficult to imagine why most patients die of panic and its consequences within a few weeks or months. This is why it has always been claimed that cancer is "malignant", that it is a wild and haphazardly proliferating uncontrolled process that nobody can understand.

Even though we have known for 20 years now (note: this is an older text by Dr. Hamer) how cancer develops and how it can possibly disappear again, it is of no use to patients at present, because as long as Germanische Heilkunde is still boycotted and may not be applied, people will continue to die (mostly because of panic).

Quote from SBS - Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Germanische Heilkunde is so consistent and clear in itself that it does not need any additions. There is nothing comparable in the history of discoveries.

In order to experience this precious discovery today as a help, that is, to consciously experience the system Dr. Hamer discovered, one must understand it. There is no other way yet!

This approach is possible for everyone,
because the special aspect about Germanische is that, once we understand it and follow the Laws of Nature, we do not need a therapist, because our body carries out "therapies" itself. (Below you will find a report from a formal Patient.)

For some years now, an educational program for Germanische Heilkunde has been offered in Polish language. We are working on making this program available in other languages as well. It will be offered in German language next. Information about the educational program in English language will be available on this website in the future.

In the course of SBS, sometimes (Dr. Hamer speaks about 5% of all cases) clinical help is required. In other cases, the body can manage on its own. Clinical help is designed to support our biological body in the case of exuberant symptoms, if we have "overdeveloped" the conflict mass, or if we have "overdeveloped" some SBS. Today, however, one cannot count on adequate clinical help, as there is no clinic where the correlations discovered by Dr. Hamer can be taken into account in "support measures".

If one has this knowledge, then one also understands that the majority of "sick" patients are already in the vagotonic phase. So the essential element of SBS has already been achieved: Conflictolysis. With the switching on (DHS) of the Significant Biological Special Programme all "therapeutic" biological measures are already "carried out" in the body. In such a case it is sufficient to patiently go through this phase with understanding and wise behaviour towards oneself, without disturbing the body in the completion of its work.

Even if the conflict is still active, we need to understand the correlations in order to find the conflict and its tracks and to solve it successfully. No therapist will be able to help us better than we can help ourselves, because nobody knows us better. Not to mention the fact that it is best to prepare for the symptoms of the second phase (= vagotonia, pcl-phase) during the active phase.

There are also conflicts that must not be solved under any circumstances, because they would result in death.

Do you really want to trust a therapist whose qualifications you do not even know? Unfortunately, it happens very often that somebody gets in touch with an alleged therapist and then the Germanische Heilkunde or Dr. Hamer are accused for the catastrophe. 

Therefore learning Germanische means to take responsibility and deal with it seriously, i.e. you need a lot of time and independent thinking for this work, but there is no way around it!

“The Patient must mature.” 
He has to say: „No, I won't do that. I'd rather help myself with the other patients.“

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer 
(see historical documentary film "Sanatorium Rosenhof" in German )

Each person (together with his/her family) must know in detail what is going on in his/her body. The term patient will remain in the future. After all, the word patient describes someone who is patient (lat. patiente = patient). This is a very important quality required in the course of a SBS: patience and no panic, but understanding and foresight, accepting the symptoms of the SBS we experience and respond wisely to the needs of our body. For this we need a friendly environment and surrounding people that also know these correlations. 
Everyone who has really understood Germanische Heilkunde and lives it daily within the family is aware that no one can be "healed" by third parties. The active participation of the person concerned in the psycho-biological process that takes place in his/her own body is indispensable.

This is an important prerequisite for the optimal course of an SBS, which is nowadays defined as an illness:
Not to panic  in view of the symptoms and thus not to "start" a new SBS.
This is because these new SBSs, which are the result of panic, are difficult to stop. The affected person can get into a vicious circle. Then new symptoms are added, which causally have nothing to do with the primary ones. The typical secondary conflicts arise with such feelings (1: german: “Empfindungen”, feelings are also “Gefühle” in German language, but “Gefühle” is slightly different from “Empfindungen”. There is no adequate word for it in the English language.) as fear of death or attack because of an upcoming operation; or fear of losing one's existence or feeling disfigured ... etc.
Understanding these processes that take place in the living body gives us the necessary confidence in nature and serenity. Only in this state can man make balanced decisions. 

To want to learn this knowledge, while the body is suffering from symptoms, when a ”threatening” sounding diagnosis and prognosis has been made, or a mutilating operation or chemo “therapy” has already been performed, is a difficult sometimes impossible task.

An new era has dawned in Medicine (and therefore not only in medicine!) –  we can and must rethink, also with regard to the relationship doctor (Heilkundiger) - patient (person with symptoms). The submissive behaviour and the (un)holy obedience of the patients seeking help has come to an end. (One can easily compare this with the former blind, submissive obedience to the representatives of the faith). We cannot expect any help from the publicly responsible persons.

In the cartel media, there has been haggling against Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer in the most vile way - now these media are silent about his passing, not even in a slanderous way do they dare to report.

Germanische Heilkunde is forbidden to this day and those who falsify Germanische Heilkunde, who carelessly offer so-called therapy and print falsified books by violating Dr. Hamer's copyright are also responsible for the suppression of knowledge.
Germanische Heilkunde is forbidden to this day  and those who falsify Germanische Heilkunde, who carelessly offer so-called therapy and print falsified books by violating Dr. Hamer's copyrights are also responsible for the suppression of knowledge. 

Since Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered the The Iron Rule of Cancer, his discovery has been suppressed and Dr. Hamer and his family have been persecuted.

Documents of this Suppression of knowledge can be found in the Archive and a lot of further information about the criminal attempts to eliminate Dr. Hamer can be found in the book „Einer gegen Alle“ ("One against all") by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer.

A few questions:

  • Why are the people who copy, falsify and reprint Dr. Hamer's books, even offering so-called therapy, not persecuted?
  • Why can Dr. Hamer's copyright be violated without further consequences?
  • Why there is no practising physician allowed to profess Germanische Heilkunde and work according to it?
  • Does the freedom of choice not apply to the patient ?
  • Do you know any affected parents whose children have been tortured with chemo? Or have you been affected yourself?
  • Do parents have a treatment choice for their children - do we still have a right to physical integrity?
  • How is it that despite the catastrophic state of cancer therapy in school medicine, Germanische Heilkunde has not yet been officially examined by the public and the examinations that have taken place are hushed up?
  • Is it possible that this suppression of knowledge is not only the work of the unteachable old school medicine?
  • Could it be that such questions trigger emotions in us that we do not want to be touched by?
  • Could it be that in our "good enlightened" time, in which nobody seems to lack anything, such an outrageous suppression is possible at all?
  • Is it possible that whole populations can be deceived and lied to?
  • We know great discoveries and insights from history. Is it conceivable that in our time a discovery has been made that surpasses these previous discoveries?
  • Do you want to believe or do you want to know?

Attention: This website contains only extracts from the original works of Dr. Hamer. In order that you can study the Germanische for your health, we refer you to the available Original literature of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. In his works you will find numerous documented cases where you can learn to understand the system of Germanische Heilkunde. You will learn to analyse your own SBS.
Due to the economic boycott (reprinting and falsification of the books, stealing the copyright...) the publishing house (Amici-Di-Dirk) is not always able to reprint out-of-print editions or to publish new editions and translations into other languages. To keep you informed about the suppression of knowledge in Germanische Heilkunde, historical documents are regularly put online in the Archive.


Report from a formal Patient

I am 61 years old and in Sept. 91 I received the devastating diagnosis "cancer - incurable" from conventional medical practitioners. As I still trusted orthodox medicine at that time, I automatically got caught in the vicious circle of the therapy, surgery, chemo, radiation.

I kept up this therapy until the 4th month of chemo.
When then other patients around me died, I started to wake up, because I was also getting worse and worse. I said goodbye to conventional medicine and went in search of alternatives. From raw food therapy to Prof. Hackethal I grabbed every straw until I became aware of the New Medicine in Sep. 1992.

While studying the book "Legacy of a New Medicine", the scales fell from my eyes. "It's all in the psyche!" I had unconsciously caused my illness myself. I began to investigate the causes of my problems and was able to solve them thanks to my family around me. This process took place in small steps. I became more and more secure and with time I lost the terrible fear I had always had until then, due to the understanding of the NEUE MEDIZIN (today: Germanische Heilkunde) - which is not a “medicine to swallow”.

At the end of Dec. 92 I felt totally healthy and had myself checked again (laboratory values and ultrasound) to see if I could rely on my feelings. Everything was fine! I received the results of this check on paper and today (1997) I feel very well and healthy. I am now living according to the new findings and have turned my life upside down.

Every day I thank for the fact that I can enjoy life again and that there is the NEUE MEDIZIN (New Medicine, today: Germanische Heilkunde) which I always consult. I have not been examined by conventional medicine for 4 years now and have taken responsibility for my body myself. Since then I have been doing well and I can pursue my profession without fear.