according to Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

 Germanische and Animals

The animal lacks a helper, who can recognise its conflict and advise it to avoid this conflict in the future. The animal usually has to endure its conflict until the conflict is resolved or the animal dies from the unresolved conflict and cancer. We have already seen, that in nature so-called "cancer" is not an error of nature, not a cell which got out of control and is now “going mad”, but a very meaningful process which is included in the master plan of nature as an indispensable factor. In case of animals, we can observe, what we may only very carefully mention in case of humans, that the external aid to overcome the conflict, i.e. aid not provided by nature, is not a plus in quality for the individual breeds, but at most a plus in quantity, but a minus in quality. It is the same with human beings, looked at as a race.

But if we take a look at nature not yet manipulated by humans, we see that the animals have to resolve the conflict - they suffered in a DHS and thus their cancer - in reality. The loss of one or more young cubs, the loss of a territory cannot be resolved by animals "psychotherapeutically", but only in reality! However, we already see something like a cult of conflict resolution among the highly developed animals. Just think of the elephants' death rituals, obviously an attempt to mitigate or resolve the conflict of loss (loss conflict) for the most affected animals or the whole herd!  What else is it that humans do at funerals? The elephants gather for days around a dead comrade whom they have buried and covered under branches and brushwood and mourn for him.

Apart from these "cult aids" in the more highly developed mammals, the animal generally has to endure its own cancer. Indeed, it must often be passed as a regular quality test or qualification test at regular intervals, otherwise the individual is "taken out of qualification".

The old deer, for example, has to compete against the young deer every year for the qualification test, and at some point he fails the qualification test, then he has to die.

Therefore, in general, the "therapy" of the Biological Conflict is the real resolution of the conflict. This real resolution can consist either in the restoration of the previous state or in a viable alternative solution. For example, either the old deer regains its territory or it expels another deer from its territory. A female dog that has lost a cub either chases the robber away from the cub, or she comforts herself with the rest of her cubs, or she quickly becomes pregnant again - which is probably the most common case. During gestation there is in general no conflict activity possible, as a pregnancy after the first trimester is basically in vagotonia, and after the litter of new puppies the conflict would anyway be automatically resolved.

A female dog who has lost a cub either chases the predator away again, or she comforts herself with the rest of her cubs, or she quickly becomes pregnant again - and this is probably the case in the majority of cases.

Since animals, unlike humans, normally live in their natural rhythm, the loss of a cub, for example, is already included in this natural rhythm as "normal", and also the resolution of such a "normal conflict" through the next gestation.

We must not forget that we are subject to far-reaching constraints, imposed on us by religious founders or social reformers, but which have very little to do with biology. So there is hardly a social reformer who could be called a normal human being. Basically, they were a burden to mankind, and there was no sign of wisdom, if wisdom were to be based on the understanding that one should live as far as possible in accordance with the given code in the brain and thus also in accordance with the code in the psyche or soul.

For me, the wisest one would be to teach us how to live in accordance with the natural code, instead of creating perversions in wars to exterminate human life.

If we say that humans and (mammals) animals suffer from cancer in the same way, many will agree that the kind of cancer in the organ is the same or similar. The HH (Hamersche Herd = Hamer Focus) in the brain, in the corresponding place as in humans, is also the same or comparable. But if these two levels are the same or comparable, then there is strong indication that the psychic level is also the same or at least comparable. If I say, that the animal has suffered a conflict, by which I mean a Biological Conflict, then this can usually still be accepted. If I say, that the animal has no appetite like the human being, cannot sleep like the human being, is in sympathicotonia like the human being, then that is just about acceptable, but if I say, that the animal also thinks about its Biological Conflict day and night, and dreams about its conflict at night, then that causes indignation and rejection. Have you never heard your dog sigh in its sleep (dream)?

For many of us, especially those with religious or ideological beliefs, it is a hard thing to accept this. For me it is the most natural thing in the world. Though the content of e.g. the food envy conflict for the animal is, depending on the breed, of a slightly different nature than for the human, the content of the conflict is only transformed in humans. But also the transformed Biological Conflicts of humans can always be traced back to their archaic basic pattern.

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer